Everything You Should Know About PRP Injection Therapy

Everything You Should Know About PRP Injection Therapy

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PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma – a substance that’s produced from the blood of the patient and injected in targeted areas to induce healing. Plasma is a component of the blood that contains certain proteins that helps in blood clotting and growth of cells. With plasma rich platelet, it is possible to treat certain conditions, such has hair loss. To make PRP, plasma is isolated from blood and is further concentrated. Below are some of the other things worth knowing.

Uses of PRP injection therapy

It should be noted that PRP injection therapy hasn’t been approved in many countries, but many known athletes have used PRP for healing from injuries. PRP injection therapy can be used for many conditions, including –

  • Hair loss. PRP is known to be extremely useful for promoting hair growth. The treatment involves using PRP injections into the scalp, which also helps in preventing hair loss. Studies and research have indicated that PRP might be useful as a treatment for androgenic alopecia.
  • Injuries to tendons. Tendon injuries take a lot of time to heal, and doctors believe that using PRP injections may accelerate the healing process. in many cases, PRP therapy is used for treating chronic conditions that involve tendons, such jumper’s knee and tennis elbow.

  • Sports injuries. As mentioned earlier, athletes have admitted using PRP injections for quick healing. PRP can be used for treating a wide range of sports injuries. It is also useful for patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis. A couple of years back, a study had proved that PRP might be better for treating the condition, although more conclusive evidence is required.

Cost and other details

Please keep in mind that PRP therapy is not ideal for all kinds of injuries and pains, and your doctor is the best person to take a call in this regard. Insurance doesn’t cover the cost of PRP injections. The general PRP cost is anywhere between $500 and $2500 or more for each treatment. Most patients need around two to three treatments for a particular condition.

PRP is otherwise a safe treatment, but since it involves using needles, there are risks related to pain at the injection site, allergic reactions and so on. Since the objective is to promote healing, PRP injections don’t technically offer immediate relief. You will see a change in your condition as the cellular repair and growth starts in the targeted area.

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