Food with Steroids: The Do’s and Don’ts

Food with Steroids: The Do’s and Don’ts

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 While you are on steroids, you might wonder if what are the best practices that you should follow. The foods that you are taking should be taken into consideration. You should know what to eat and what you should not eat. Remember that this has a great influence on the gains or losses that you will have while you are using steroids.

            When you are taking performance-enhancing products to help you either bulk or cut, diet is one of the most important things that you should learn. Steroids can affect your metabolism to give you more energy that can help you boost your workouts to the next level. Steroids can also stimulate your appetite.

Foods That You Can Eat

            There are a few food groups that you should have while you are on steroids. The lean animal proteins like skinless chicken breast, turkey, and eggs are some of the best foods that you should have while on steroids. Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like fish should also be on your meals. You can also have unsalted nuts since these are a good source of lean proteins which can support your immune system.

Make sure that there are no added sugar or carbohydrates. Going fresh is also better than processed. Remember that your blood sugar levels will be affected by steroids. It is important to stick to fresh fruits.limit simple sugars while supporting your intake of Vitamins C, B, and potassium. If your reason to take steroids is to bulk up, increase your calorie intake. If you want to look lean and ripped with flexible muscles, learn how to eat lean and healthy meals in greater quantity.

Foods That You Should Avoid While on Steroids

            Most of the side effects are linked to steroids will usually result in high blood pressure and also the onset of diabetes. Eating the right foods will not stop these risks but it can prevent them from worsening. If for instance before starting a steroid cycle, your blood pressure is normal as well as your blood sugar levels, it would help if you eat right to protect your health.

While on steroids you should avoid foods that are high in sodium like soups, prepared sauces, stews, frozen meals, and so much more. Fast foods and the casual restaurant served foods should also be avoided. When it comes to sugar, cakes, ice creams, cookies, and other sweets should be avoided at all times.

But not only these, there are also processed sugar that is in our bread, flavored milk, vitamin waters, and even sports drinks should also be avoided. Green tea should also be taken in moderation since there are reports that it can lower your testosterone levels.

If you have time, prepare your own meals to make sure that what you are eating is free from ingredients that can be bad for you. Anabolic steroids and raw powder form of this steroid are usually mixed with drinks mentioned above, so you should be careful with what you drink. Remember that diet has a great part in your road to transformation.

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