How Breast Implants Can Impact Your Career

How Breast Implants Can Impact Your Career

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Several women think that you have to have breast implants to pursue a high profile career like modelling or acting. A big reason for this is seeing sex symbols like Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson who both had augmentation procedures to boost their careers.

Keeping it Real

Even women considering having breast implants in order to improve their careers where appearance counts may want to take caution in choosing their implant and breast surgery procedure. Whether the career of choice is modelling, acting or singing, the natural look is almost always preferred. The more desired look is generally a natural one that has low to moderate profile implants with a lower projection and broader base for an enhanced look that doesn’t appear “fake.”

The incision location is also essential to consider for women who are in careers where they may be asked to “show their body” for the cameras. A skilled and experienced surgeon who specialises in breast surgery like plastic surgeon Dr Andre Safvat knows that larger incisions underneath the breasts may detract away from the enhanced breast shape, whereas smaller incisions inside the armpit let a woman enjoy the results of the breast implants without having to worry about scarring.

Women considering breast enhancement in hopes of opening up career doors should talk frankly with their surgeons about what procedure to have and what type of implants to get for their specific needs.

Breast Implants and the Business World

For individuals that do not work in careers that rely on a certain cup size for success, the question of whether or not to have breast implants becomes even more complicated. There are some factors involving breast enhancement that could have an impact on your professional climb up the career ladder, so just consider the following before picking a breast implant procedure:

Money – The price of breast implants can be expensive, and insurance will not cover the expense for cosmetic reasons. It is essential to have some finances in order before you even think about breast enhancement surgery.

Recovery Time – Almost all breast enhancement procedures require at least one to two weeks to recover, and some individuals will need even more time before things get back to normal. Also, if complications or the need for more procedures arise, women may need to take more time off work to complete the breast enhancement process.

Breast Implants and the Self Confidence Factor

The last thing to consider when considering breast implants is the effect the procedure will have on your self-confidence level. For those who are not happy with how their breasts look and feel, breast augmentation can change the way a woman feels about her appearance. This new found satisfaction can lead to a greater level of self-confidence, which could possibly extend right into her career. A boost in confidence can play a crucial role in job performance.

Yes, a bigger cup size may open doors in some industries, but breast augmentation is a separate decision that should be made on a personal level, not on a professional one. While breast augmentation may not boost your career, it will boost your confidence, and the satisfaction that stems from breast enlargement surgery can improve your quality of life.

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