How to Cope Up with Fear, If You Are Diagnosed with Mesothelioma

How to Cope Up with Fear, If You Are Diagnosed with Mesothelioma

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People get biggest shock of their life when they are diagnosed with any kind of cancer. If the person is diagnosed with mesothelioma, then the fear factor increases further. Particularly when doctor tries to tell you about this disease with the help of various statistics then people lose their hope completely. Although treatment of mesothelioma is possible, but when it reaches advanced stages it becomes really challenging and the rate of survival from such stage is also very poor.

After understanding Mesothelioma asbestos cancer experts have concluded that working in an environment with more exposure to asbestos is the main reasons of this type of cancer. The treatment is very expensive, which also adds fear in the mind of people who are diagnosed with this type of cancer.

Many of the law firms are now encouraging people to fight cases against the employer of the affected person to settle the bill for the treatment. However, that is also another additional burden that the patient and his family have bear to fight case against the employer.

How to cope up with such disease?

When a person is diagnosed with mesothelioma then obviously they are highly depressed due to various reasons that have been stated above. Certain new therapies have been developed that can help in reducing the fear and anxiety to some extent. Some of the therapies are also found to be effective. However, doctors prescribe them after careful consideration.

Therefore, doctors’ advice that one must try to accept the reality, face the situation and stay calm. This may reduce fear, depression to certain extent.

Some of the actions as listed below may help you to stay calm.

  • Try self hypnosis
  • Start playing with your imagination and think of any soothing images that may calm your mind.
  • Join any support group
  • Start doing some light exercises like walking or exercising in your chair.

You must also try to distract your mind from fear and try to manage your fear in your own way. You may also visit Official Website to know how people develop many different ways to overcome their fear about this deadly disease.

How some people have managed their fear?

There was one patient from Santa Rosa in California, who was diagnosed with this type of cancer. He knew very little about mesothelioma and when doctor told him about this disease he was not ready to believe it. Then he started doing his own research from various books, journals and whatever he learnt from there did not give him any better feeling.

Then he suddenly thought that he needs to conquer his fear and started telling other people what they should not do so that they may prevent them from this disease.

Another patient, who survived for 5 years with this disease continued to create awareness about asbestos exposure to people in the USA. He also influenced Congress to put a ban on use of asbestos in the USA.

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