Modern Farming: Animal Health & Hygiene

Modern Farming: Animal Health & Hygiene

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Many farmers are modernising their farms with robotic systems to improve time management. These robotic systems can be very beneficial, though they do need particular products to keep them serviced, and prevent any damage to the equipment involved.

Running economically viable farming systems, while being socially responsible, and producing more without increasing the environmental footprint are some of the biggest challenges the agriculture sector is facing today. To address these challenges, agriculture has started stepping up to be able to make the most of the full range of innovative solutions, approaches, and technologies that are now available.

From crop development to managing livestock, the future of farming lies in modern innovation. These new ideas aim to resolve the most pressing issues from maximising efficient use of natural resources using better management practices to implementing new technologies.

Modern farming methods have increased the production in almost every farming sector. Using modern agriculture and farming is now necessary in all farming industries, because modern farming methods have the ability to increase production, which feeds the world and keeps a lot of businesses afloat.

In the past, farmers have had to use a bull to plough or dig the soil. But now, with the facilities of modern technology, farmers are using tractors for this purpose. That was a leap of innovation, and these ideas are expanding all the time, and making farming increasingly technologised. Different types of hybrid seeds, fertilisers, and breeds of animals are now available for maximising the production. Modern agricult


ure has changed the agricultural process.

With this modern kind of farming, new ways of caring for farms and livestock have come into play. Specialist equipment means specialist products. Farming is less about cold winters, and culling off livestock due to disease, and more about the scientific breakthroughs that have been made to help prevent those things, or assist in dire situations. Many notable researchers throughout the world are constantly researching and getting amazing results.

Animal health is vital on a farm. Healthy animals have the ability to produce the products that humans use for sustenance, and materials for the things we wear and use. With modernised farming products, it’s easier to keep livestock healthy straight from birth. There are products that can ensure that an animal has all the vitamins it needs to age well, and be able to defend itself against diseases.

It’s the same with farm hygiene. With the mix of science, and the knowledge of farming needs, there are specialist products available to not only clean a farm and its equipment, but also help prevent diseases that could spread and end in the desolation of a farm.

At Kilco, they work closely with the farming industry to increase animal health and wellbeing. They’re one of the only companies that can offer such a wide product range in the Animal Health, Biosecurity, Food Hygiene and Dairy Hygiene markets. They have an ambitious research and development programme, designed to meet customers’ needs in an ethical and mutually sustainable way.

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